Sunday, 11 March 2012

Life is full of realities

I just feel morbidly sad today. I'm so slow off the mark as most people know...always the last to know everything. I follow a blog of a young lady with CF, who has had a transplant. She was one of the first people I ever read anything about when J was first diagnosed. She used to have a website, but no longer felt the need for it and blogged instead. I followed her lung transplant journey. Her emotions raw, her life real. REAL. No hearts and flowers...she knew herself, her mind and her posts were so honest. She hasn't blogged in ages. I only just discovered she died. Last year. I am assuming from transplant complications. I can't stop crying today. CF is so unjust. I don't feel like being strong today. I don't feel like I'm striving for anything. I feel stupid for not looking further when she stopped blogging months ago. She has really touched my life - her honesty was so refreshing. No platitudes. Just hope. I get so cranky at people who think transplant is a cure all. People go through so much post transplant...I know I hope for one when there ever comes a time for my girl. But today I am just so sad for another CFer who never got the chance to experience even middle age. RIP


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