Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A New Day

Today could have started off badly...J so upset about English test today. I had to redo her hair 3 times (and she never lets me touch it usually). leaving the house and she realises her wallet is missing (no bus pass, student card etc - and her bus driver is an ogre). C arguing about the brush...being her turn etc etc. Putting on non appropriate school socks to further push the boundaries. G basically being fed up with both of them and telling them what to do etc etc (ahhh not YOUR children sweetie).

We all left the house feeling like crap. Left C at least with a hug and a smile. So grateful for the mums who I unloaded on which I rarely do. They made me laugh about the joys of parenting. Got home, some housework and a cup of coffee later. Read a blog about pretty much stepping up and being a CF parent. Be POSITIVE for your children. If they see CF as a death sentence it will be...and I'll be enabling that.

NO WAY. No more. At least pep, 2 nebs and 2 antis taken before we walked out the door. Maybe the day didn't have a perfect start...or did it? Through all this, the major priority of total medication compliance was achieved. Again. Just like each day. I will never let you down and say "ok not today". You are worth my tears of  frustration. You deserve better than "it'sall too hard". I will always be here for you - even if you wish I'd go away. My 3 girls and my husband - yep...I'm not going anywhere. I love you all too much and that's why through all the frustration, I will always be here.

Maybe it was a good morning after all :)


At 8 May 2012 at 22:39 , Blogger Danni said...

"I will never let you down and say "ok not today". "
Thanks for that, I needed to hear it. Treatments have been a bit of a struggle lately and so many times I want to say, ok, not today. But I never do because I know what's at stake. Nice to hear I'm not the only one that thinks like that :)


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