Sunday, 10 February 2013

Some days I get tired of listening to how good everyone is. Sometimes my major accomplishments are getting through the day at all. People will ACTUALLY say to me things like "Oh, we always spend time together as a family on the w/e. It's always family time for us" or when G was overseas "Oh I wouldn't be able to do anything important like holidays without her - I'd feel too guilty". It's like working - me not being in the workforce is sort of a choice - I want to be at home for my kids and I have to be the one available for physio - I'm not able to pass that on to anyone. But I'm over the mother guilt!! And I'm over people telling me that they are doing so well compared to me. grrrrr. It makes me doubt myself as a person and a parent and it's unnecessary. We're all so PC. No one does anything wrong.

Well my kids eat McDonald's. And processed breakfast cereal. They use home brand soap. I don't cleanse and moisturise every night. I get cross at my mum sometimes when her dementia kicks in. I throw up my hands in despair often. I swear. I eat sugar. I sometimes listen to normal conversation and think everyone is crazy!! I laugh at inappropriate non PC jokes sometimes. I listen to people's gripes and think  F@#$, I've never even THOUGHT of that to be pissed about.

BUT...I do love my family. So much. It never changes. They are awesome. 3 sublime kids who are so switched on and a husband who never judges me. Just thinks I'm great Always and is never disappointed in me.

So maybe....I'm the really good one!!! I'd like to think that, but it's not true. I'm just doing what I can like everyone else. Just that I'm not judging you and your decisions - because I KNOW things happen behind closed doors that humble me daily. So maybe others are just the same :)


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