Monday, 24 October 2011

The beginning part 2

When you start at the beginning you really shouldn't be so cryptic...I am a mum of three beautiful daughters, 1 with CF, two without. I am a wife. I am many things, yet I feel CF consumes sometimes and is a part of all I think and do. This blog is as much to document as it is to vent and try and find a voice for my navigation that often fails through embarassment...or those eyes that tell me "you know what, I REALLY don't want to know". Here, I can ALWAYS say what I think and feel. Look out!! lol

The Beginning

I feel a little like I'm heading to the dark side - blogging and all. All the "stuff" that clutters my head, my very being regarding CF and how it affects us all will be unloaded here. Be warned if you are reading. Hopefully it will be therapeutic for us all.....