Monday, 28 October 2013

Support in the midst of sorrow

I am so blessed to have a few really close CF mum friends. I often say "no one gets it like a CF mum". It's not a throwaway line. You know they have shed as many tears as you, advocated loudly for their child like you have, love fiercely whilst trying to make sense of it all. That's why when you have to stand by them and watch their ultimate grief, it's one of the most heart stopping experiences.

My CF mama "C" is an awesome woman. She knew the road she was travelling a few years ago when "microbacterium abcessus" actually became a term I was familiar with. She knew harsh realities of this disease that would affect her life forever. It was hard....oh so hard and I didn't know but an inkling when she shared. It seemed like blow after blow after blow kept coming. Then after all the suffering, when she lost her sweet baby girl, she is still showing that bravery, that strength that made her one of my greatest confidantes and such a sweet friend.

I will have the heart-breaking privilege to say goodbye to Miss "A" in 2 days time. I have to call it a privilege as it was an honour to see a young woman go about her life in a teenage way even suffering as she did. I had the privilege of talking to her and getting to know her. I am so happy to have some funny memories locked in my heart. And my CF mama will be there saying goodbye to the love of her life. And the thing that never passes my lips has come up so much this past 10 days which is that ultimately, one day I may stand in her shoes.

Thank you C and A for being part of my life. I will never forget your support when I have needed it so much. I hope I will be honouring your strength and the love you have when we all say goodbye at the final resting.